CHANEL Le Vernis n° 483 Vendetta is velvet in a bottle. It shimmers in eggplant with a touch of indigo. If it weren’t for the high gloss, this avant-garde colour could stray into glam-goth instead accenting your new nude peep toe.

n° 483 is for a pedicure and should only be a manicure selection for an evening gala. Be not mistaken, it should be removed straight after one’s gown. n° 483 is full body. It has a vendetta against a petite hand; its ideal pairing is a well-groomed foot.

For those of you who have lost yourself in frosted pink nail colour, dare to make a bold decision. Rest assured, the shimmer structure offers a richness that exudes luxury. Luxury is reserved for an established woman who is, in this case, confident in her feet.

When you have to choose between a pedicure or manicure, always select the pedicure. Hands are much easier to self-groom than feet, and every woman would be well served to get off her feet for a relaxing soak and massage.


Styled well with a subtle pant or dress, it is a classic, must-have. Tread carefully.  The Red Stiletto can veer towards overt sexiness which is never appealing or downright tacky.   

Rich red hues with blue undertones exude luxury. Stray away from yellow reds with this item.

Texture is of utmost importance. Selecting the right texture makes the style or it doesn‘t. Red patent leather is not an option. We are not fans of satin as a texture for shoes.  Suede or a tight woven textile refine the look.

This GUESS shoe has all the favored attributes with a platform to add height, classic cut and shape, with tailored black outsole that refines this look.

If you can’t find this shoe or another with these attributes, then don’t buy a lesser option.

This is a certain aethetic or style that is drawn from fashion. It’s singular rather than a collection of perspectives.